Transforming the Banking Experience for the On-Demand Economy


​Digitalization is disrupting banking as we know it, a change primarily driven by shifting customer behavior and needs. In the latest episode of the Samsung interview series, Samsung's President and Chief Strategy Officer, Young Sohn, is joined by Dr. Roland Folz, CEO of Solarisbank and expert in modern banking, to discuss the megatrends that are driving these changes.​

Roland Folz

CEO, Solarisbank

​Roland has over 25 years of experience in the banking and financial services sector, with additional senior management expertise in the mobility and telecoms industries.

Before joining Solarisbank, Roland spent almost 8 years at Deutsche Bank as a senior CFO executive. Prior to this, he was an executive of the T-Com/T-Home division for Deutsche Telekom AG. He was CEO of DaimlerChrysler Bank AG, building the company from a leasing and financing institute to a Universal Bank. As Co-CEO of Direkt Anlage Bank AG, he was also responsible for the bank’s B2B business, eventually taking the company public in 1999.​