Genomics and the Future of Healthcare


​​​​​​Genomics is transforming h​ealthcare by making it more targeted, personalized and proactive. However, bringing genome-enabled health care to citizens across the U.S. and beyond remains a challenge—mostly due to insurance barriers, a broad lack of clinical understanding, and the sheer volume and complexity of new tests being brought to market.

This week’s “The Next Wave,” features host Young Sohn talking to Lis​​​a Alderson, CEO of Genome Medical, about her plans to make genomics more accessible for everyone. They also discuss the ethical questions raised by genomics, as well as the critical role this game-changing technology played in developing Covid vaccines in record time.

Lisa Alderson

Co-Founder and CEO, Genome Medical

​Lisa has 20 years of experience building early-stage companies with a focus on technology, consumer and life sciences businesses. Prior to Genome Medical, Lisa served as the chief commercial officer and chief strategy officer of Invitae (NYSE: NVTA), a rapidly growing genetic information company. She was part of the start-up team at Genomic Health Inc. (Nasdaq: GHDX), president of Cinema Circle, Inc., and the former manager of strategic planning at The Walt Disney Co.