OpenClassrooms – Making Education Accessible to All


​​​​In a time where the pandemic affects the entire world, the education sector is also forced to question itself. How can we ensure that the millions of college and university students benefit from quality education and obtain the knowledge they need while they are confined to their homes? How can we ensure that this knowledge will enable them to find a job and be adapted to the new job roles sought by c​ompanies in the midst of the digital transformation?

In response to these challenges, e-learning platforms are gaining momentum because they offer a format which is more flexible, responsive and affordable than traditional courses. In this new episode of Samsung’s “The Next Wave” interview series, Young Sohn, Chairman of HARMAN, and Senior Advisor to Samsung Electronics, speaks with Pierre Dubuc, CEO and co-founder of OpenClassrooms. He asks him about the strengths and strategy that have helped him become the e-learning leader in France today, with a growing international presence.

Pierre Dubuc

CEO and co-founder of OpenClassrooms

​Pierre Dubuc co-founded OpenClassrooms in 2013, but his project began in 1999. He was 11 years old at the time when he met his co-founder Mathieu Nebra, and created with him the Site du Zéro, the first online coding course, which later became one of the first self-help forums for creating websites. 

With success on their side, the two friends created OpenClassrooms after their graduation, a fully online school whose mission was clear from the start: to make education accessible to everyone. Its core objective was: to have an impact by using all the possibilities of online education to best prepare students for their future profession.

Today, the company trains 3 million people in 140 countries every month. France accounts for only 60% of its business, with the platform also being very active in the United States, the United Kingdom and Africa.