Ensuring Our Agricultural Future by Keeping Global Soils Rich and Safe with Dr. Xuemei Germaine

Agricultural Technology

​As the earth’s population proliferates, growing enough healthy food for all, remains a crucial issue with many components – from soil quality, to food availability, and beyond. Ireland-based MicroGen Bi​otech are using their technology to solve these issues from the bottom up by restoring healthy soil – to foster healthier crops, and ultimately improving health. In this episode of HARMAN’s interview series “The Next Wave,” Young Sohn sits down with Dr. Xuemei Germaine, the founder and CEO of MicroGen Biotech, to discuss MicroGen’s work with microbiomes, how they are helping to remove toxins from soil in Europe, China and the US, the changes that come from transitioning from a scientist to an entrepreneur and CEO, and MicroGen’s participation in the 2020 Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC). In last year’s challenge, MicroGen won the AgTech award, and Xuemei was named the top Female Founder.

Helene Huby

Dr. Xuemei Germaine

Founder and CEO of MicroGen Biotech

Dr. Xuemei Germaine is the founder and CEO of MicroGen Biotech. Dr. Germaine has a PhD in Environmental Biotechnology and had worked at Pfizer for six years, discovering novel biopharmaceuticals by using ribosome display and microbial high-throughput screening technologies.