Can AI Save the World’s Food Supply?


​​A staggering 1.6 billion tons of food is wasted every year –one third of all food produced for human consumption on the planet. The cause: centuries of systemic inefficiencies resulting in tragic food insecurity and malnutrition, billions in lost revenue and significant environmental damage.

Can artificial intelligence come to the rescue? Alexander Piutti, founder and CEO of, thinks so.

This week "The Next Wave" hosted by Samsung President and Chief Strategy Officer Young Sohn, drills in on the underlying causes of massive global food waste and explores how artificial intelligence might be used to drive the circular economy and fix the crisis.’s mission is to introduce smarter AI-powered business practices to help global producers and distributors better anticipate and quickly react to supply inefficiencies and breakdowns. The result: using existing food resources within the food supply chain, supporting more people in need, and reducing our carbon footprint. Join us for an uplifting example of how new technology can improve the human condition.

Alexander Piutti

Founder and CEO of

​Serial entrepreneur / social impact / angel investor / innovation coach / Querdenker ;-)

I love two things: I'm passionate about innovation and I really enjoy working with ambitious and creative minds, which made me a serial entrepreneur and company builder: Global Venture Partners, Overture (sold to Yahoo! for $1.6 bn), GameGenetics, Bjooli, SirPlus, Rehago, My passion lies in value creation and impact, always looking to work in tandemwith driven individuals. Actually my strongest motivation: teaming up with founders and out-of-the box thinking innovators, to build iconic ventures.

After a cancer misdiagnosis in 2014 and fully recovery, I like to channel my energy into things that really move the needle. Focus: social impact and better lifestyles. 

Sparring partner of NGOs and corporate executives, e.g. Samsung, VW/Volkswagen, Deutsche Post/DHL, Daimler, Alba, Deutsche Bahn as well as the City of Berlin and United Nations, helping themexecute their initiatives.

A bit of a gypsy: raised in Meerbusch/Germany, high school in Hong Kong, studies in the USA (MBA Wharton & MA/Lauder, UPenn), worked in the UK .. with new roots in Berlin/Germany since 2006.

I value trust, reliability & integrity. Proud daddy & sports lover.